The only Skype marketing
messaging tool that features 
up to 100% open rates
You know how hard it is 
to use email marketing
Open rates are grounded to saddening rates that never exceed 30% and SPAM filters are 
becoming more and more restrictive, detecting many of your campaigns and 
automatically hiding them from your audience without your or - worse - their consent.

Some email clients even put marketing messages in a side folder, 
right where nobody will look. It’s basically a highway to oblivion.

You get it, right?

It’s also safe to say that the only way to make a profit is sales
But how can you excel in sales, when many of your prospects 
- which you paid a lot for to obtain
are not getting your offers?

How can you turn your old clients into recurring customers, if they’re not aware you’re still there?

Paying hundreds of dollars in advertising is not the only solution.
Struggling with poorly performing sponsored ad campaigns is not the sole way to go.

You need a marketing automation tool that makes every message count, 
relieving you from the pain of being kept in the shadows.

You can now avoid the shadows on an unsaturated "forgotten" channel with already 300 million users from 3 generations! Skype!

Skype isn't just for free international calls any longer, it offers much more than you think.

Jump on board and become one of the pioneers to use Skype for marketing and 
customer engagement.

Monitorsky is what you need
How does it work?
With Monitorsky you send targeted personalized messages to as many contacts as you want, all at the same time,  using one of the biggest messaging platforms in the world, Skype.

Yes, you’ve read it right. No magic tricks or unbelievable marketing promises.

Thanks to our software, you will take advantage of the push notifications and direct messaging from Skype to deliver your marketing campaigns to every contact in your list, with open rates that can go up to 100%. You just need a name, an email or a phone number to find or invite them on Skype

The latest data shows that in the next few months, Skype will reach a huge number of 2 billion users. Just about everyone from the last three generations has created their own account, and you can reach them all.
Are you 100% satisfied with your email marketing tool?

Do you consistently reach 90% open rates?

Do your messages always stay out of SPAM folder?
If you replied NO even to just one of these questions, 
you will definitely find Monitorsky useful for your business... Granted!

Monitorsky delivers the messages your care about to everyone in your audience, 
without skipping a single recipient. You will reach the people you’re targeting, 
enjoying open rates that can go up to 100%, plus, avoiding once and for all, being marked as SPAM.

So, if you’re looking to

Increase your 
On Investment

Get closer 
to your audience

Make more money improving your 
Average Customer Value

Stand out from the competition

Ramp up your 
open and 
click-through rates

Stop worrying about SPAM folders

Get your 15-min VIP meeting with one of our specialists to learn about the step-by-step process to skyrocket your open rates  without wasting time and money on new tools, techniques you never heard of or shady exploits
We will show you exactly how Monitorsky works and explain how our tool will help your business 
grow exponentially by efficiently reaching your audience.
I have been using Monitorsky for years and wouldn’t know what to do without it, it is the easiest way to reach out to my whole Skype list effortlessly, besides it does it all for me, while I go have a coffee or into a meeting and when I get back I am ready to start closing deals.

Marcello Tormenti - Boxpal International, Fze

Monitorsky gives me the chance to reach out to my customers on a channel where I know they will see my messages. I can communicate with my whole Skype list easily and quickly while I concentrate on other tasks.

Mohammed Shamsan - HAWK Electronics FZCO

I like using Monitorsky every day because that way our customers receive our offers ASAP and the communication is going much faster compared to doing it manually.

Kristine Adamaite - EEI Group

Monitorsky is such a great offering tool in our trading business. We can reach out to our customers very fast with our offers on Skype, where most of our deals are happening. 
Also, customer service is always here to help. We can recommend this service to anybody that is using Skype for their business.

Eduard Winkler, CEO Black Dragon Distributor

My experience with Monitorsky was just great, I am always looking to optimize my time so I can get the best results and Monitorsky helps me to do that. Everything comes in a package with a very good and experienced support that is 24/7 on for you.

Andrei Kinguin, S.C. FIM FOREST Srl

Additional benefits


Create different templates so you can use the same message again at later date, increasing your productivity. You can also modify the templates to suit and further tailor depending on your current requirements.


Personalize your messages to ensure target contacts are addressed in the right way, by using their name or having a particular approach. Ensure you send only relevant messages to those you care about, enjoying the highest open rate on the market.


Create targeted campaigns for specific groups with further segmentation by filtering countries, companies, and contacts. Schedule them for a later date, or send straight away. You will earn money while Monitorsky deals with the burden.


Track the status of your campaign. You'll know the average replies per campaign or per group, and if they requested to be unsubscribed from your list.
It’s like an email marketing automation tool, but better.

 Much better.
Turn your contacts into profit right now
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