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Use Skype to Generate Leads by Sending Campaigns to All Your Contacts at Once

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Do You Spend Too Much Time Sending Same Message to Many?
Stop Copy-Pasting the Same Message Again & Again
How It Works Using Monitorsky Skype Web App And Our Google Chrome Extension
Import Your Skype Contacts
Segment Contacts Into Groups
Create Your Message
Send to the Group
The Only Skype Tool to Broadcast Mass Messages
With Monitorsky you send targeted personalised messages to as many contacts as you want, all at the same time
Great Features That Save Even More Time
Make templates so you can use the same message again at later date. You can also modify template to suit and further tailor depending on your current requirements.
Personalise your messages to ensure target contacts are addressed in the right way, by using their name. Ensure you send only relevant messages so people respond.
Create targeted campaigns for specific groups with further segmentation by filtering countries, companies, and contacts. Schedule them for a later date, or send straight away
Track the status of your campaign. You'll know who opened the message, then they opened it, their reply rate, and if they clicked on any links you sent.
We even have built-in auto-responder for those occasions when you can't respond straight away
Time Is Money
Stop wasting time on generating leads, sending the same message to hundreds or even thousands of contacts
Some of Our Users Include
Lead Generators
They are using the time saved to work on their actual business
Eduard Winkler
Eduard Winkler, CEO Black Dragon Distributor
“Monitorsky is such a great offering tool in our trading business. We can reach out to our customers very fast with our offers on Skype, where most of our deals are happening. Also, customer service is always here to help. We can recommend this service to anybody that is using Skype for their business."
Andrei Ivascu
Ivascu Andrei, ForBuy
“My experience with Monitorsky was just great, I am always looking to optimize my time so I can get the best results and Monitorsky helps me to do that. Everything comes in a package with a very good and experienced support that is 24/7 on for you.”
No Spam Policy
We do not permit any form of spam. We make sure your contacts agree to be contacted via Monitorsky, and they can unsubscribe from your messages if they want to.
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2,501 – 5,000unlimited$69
5,001 – 10,000unlimited$99
0 – 500unlimited$26
501 – 1,000unlimited$36
1,001 – 2,500unlimited$46
2,501 – 5,000unlimited$56
5,001 – 10,000unlimited$66
more 10,000unlimitedContact us

* minimum 2 accounts (price per account)

$ / month contacts
contact for pricemore 10,000 contacts
from $30 / month 

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